Thursday, October 23, 2008

I thought it was funny, Mikey Day.

Moma & Dad this has a cuss word in it, so watch out
Today at work, I had to give a tour to 15 marketing executives from Burger King who were visiting the studio because they were interested in getting their products in our movies. One of the things we have to tell our tour groups is not to bother the "talent" (aka: famous people) when we are out and about. Usually that is not a problem because we either (A) never see anybody or (B) don't see anybody that the tour group recognizes. But today, as we were driving past stage 19, where the new NBC show Kath & Kim is filmed, we got to see three of the four main stars outside their trailers. Selma Blair and Molly Shannon were nice enough to wave, smile and say hello (which is pretty unusual in talent vs. tours situations), but as soon as we got about 20 feet away from Mikey Day (Craig on the show, and was also in Totally Awesome and Wild 'n' Out) we heard him scream something at us. I stopped the cart and all my guests turned around just in time to hear Mr. Day yell at us "...You should all suck my dick!!!" Now all 16 of us might have misheard him, or not heard the first part of what he said, or heard it shouted at us out of context, but one thing I sure learned is Burger King execs do NOT like to be told to do anything to any one's genitals, no matter how famous/not at all famous they are. So let that be a lesson to you all. As Mr. Day and I learned, you can't always "have it your way."

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Suz Dookey said...

UPDATE: my boss called the Kath & Kim office to tell on Day and they told him that he was very sorry and just felt awful about the whole thing and actually he was just yelling at Selma Blair. So false alarm everyone.