Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I made this giraffe out of colored paper and tape and shellacked it with mod-podge and wanted to show it off, please give me compliments.


Melooley said...

Oh, Lordy, is that ever impressive. I love it. Can you post a clearer image? Are you going to turn into a crazy California hippie that makes stuff like that to sell to tourists on the street? And by "crazy California hippie," do I actually mean homeless person?

Either way, looks like we both know what I'm getting for Christmas.


Actually, could you make tiny versions of modpodge animals? Like, earring-sized? I think you might actually be on to something, there.

OR you could make full-sized ones but instead of glue, use drying liver juice, and let Gov Ann Lady Bird Richards Johnson Boney Dooley have the honor of eating a WHOLE FAKE GIRAFFE. And then let yourself have the honor of cleaning a WHOLE FAKE GIRAFFE off your bed after it gets vomited back up! It's fun for the whole family!

Melooley said...

Also, I just read your latest post on my blog. I'm really glad you are excited about our impending kid's book. You have to draw all the pictures, ok, or else my airplane will look like (and be the same size as) the people riding it, the train, the modpodge giraffe earrings, Dorothy, etc.

I'm glad you want to read something I write. I stayed up ALL NIGHT Friday night to finish the first draft of one story. I was freaking out, and writer's block-y, and when I talked to Momma the next day, the conversation went like this:
Me: "Momma! I finally finished the first draft of the story I've been working on ALL SEMESTER LONG. Did you get a chance to read the copy I sent you?"
Momma: "Oh, Melinda, speaking of writing: Did you see your sister's blog? Isn't she hilarious!? She really should write!! Your sister is just the best thing ever, I'm so proud of her and her California hijinks."
Me: (quiet whimpering)


(eh? I tried to make it look like a script so that it would make sense to you and your Hollywood lifestyle.)

In other news, thank you for teaching me that it's not "Modge Podge."

In other other news, Dorothy politely requests attention via screaming from under the bed. I'm glad our cats have such solid social skills.


yaymama said...

Melooley is not being very truthful since she did not EVER send her momma the story she SAYS she sent so where is it? Does living on the east coast make you tell lies? What does this mean for American politics?